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Get down with a front-liner

J the cool cop guy

It's always interesting talking to people who work on our front line. They are the people you call for help and are one of the first people at the scene of an emergency, ready to deal with any situation. I've always wanted to break down the psyche of how they manage what they deal with on day to day basis, because the truth of the matter is a lot of what they see and hear is horrific. Curious in how they take in the constant influx of information from some dark cases and compartmentalize it all.

Meet J, a fresh faced police officer who has been working our streets for roughly over a year. As he was getting his forearm tattoo done, I decided to take the opportunity to play my version of 20 questions except it ends when I'm out of questions, not 20. To spark an informal conversation on the everyday take of what it's like on the front line.

Do people ever try to give you donuts? "Not really aye, I do make homemade donuts and take them into work sometimes hahaha"