Gone but never forgotten

As a shop, the influx of customer inquiries is a constant steady flow of foot traffic through the door. Strangers turn into familiar faces, a bare canvas turns into a beautiful work of personalised art that speaks of family, heritage and navigation through the use of Polynesian motifs. Sometimes a piece stands out not because of its intricate design but because of the simplicity in what it stands for and the story behind it. As did a particular piece requested by a couple that incorporated the name and the date of the death of their angel baby. Although the appointment itself was booked the same way as everyone else's, what made it so special was how they chose to go about it. Everything they did, they did together. Despite being physically separated by a couple of metres to two neighbouring tattooing stations, as well as two individual designs created by two of our in-house artists, Tua and Juse, they were in this together. They were going to get through this together. You could feel the love that they have for their baby radiate through the shop

This then transcribed onto each of their arms permanently. With Juse and Tua being both Tattooists as well as healers in the shop that day. Aiding two parents, as well as a family commemorate a special baby whom they love beyond words. Who without a shadow of a doubt will always and forever be part of their everyday.

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