New year, new you?

Paris Jerome Evans, a familiar face and friend of the store literally took weight of his shoulders in the new year. He had been growing his hair since 2013 as part of his Whitireia Bachelor of Creativity degree, a degree that focused on Maori, Cook Island, Samoan and New Zealand contemporary dance. This requirement that was created around the fact that traditionally our ancestors had long hair, so when performing in full cultural wear it was the most authentic representation.

After Graduating in 2016 he then joined the renowned Le Moana Dance Company, touring all over the world as a performer up until the end of 2017. In need of a change in 2019, to say Paris is ecstatic about his fresh cut provided by one of our own Killa Kutz Barbers, Tua, is an understatement. It is always our aim to make sure you leave our doors feeling great. A good way to definitely start the new year!