Sketch a day May Winner

Just want to take a moment to acknowledge this achievement! Another step up on this talented man's ladder to the top! We are all very proud of your massive WIN! Well deserved! Look forward to seeing more from your already impressive #Graf portfolio! @juse1ts @juse1ts @juse1ts #Repost @sketchadaymay (@get_repost) ・・・ Sketch A Day May 2017 | 1ST PRIZE WINNER! 👑 @juse1ts @juse1ts @juse1ts To anyone that followed along the whole month, you'd know that this man did not miss a beat when it came to putting serious effort into every outline, every single day. It's with great pleasure, we crown @juse1ts the #SketchADayMay 2017 winner. This was an extremely hard decision to make, possibly the hardest. As grateful as we are with the quality of entries that were produced, you can't flaw the effort and style this man brought to the table. Again, congratulations @juse1ts - You the man.


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