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As the day progressed and as Emily's’ arm grew in detail so did the depth in the conversations we carried. From diving head first into her beautiful perspective of life, she then continued into another series of valleys of anecdotes. I wouldn’t necessarily call it an interview because only one major question was posed that then let loose into an open discussion of sorts to pass the time. The question? “What would you tell your younger 21-year-old self from what you know now?” A very brief question that seemed to take her aback for a moment. “Honestly, I would just tell her to trust herself man... there is a specific type of wisdom that you can only gain through age and actually experiencing life. I am so much happier as a 32-year-old now than I ever was as at 21, because I just don’t give a sh*t about what people think. Even in the last four years since I last saw Andy (Tuigamala) so much has happened. I’ve learnt so much.”

She lay there for a brief minute before leaving me with a golden nugget filled with heartwarming advice “Enjoy your 20’s because before you know it’s over, it goes by so fast. Experience as much as can and just trust yourself.” In truth life is constantly happening and at times it can all become overwhelming. But when you choose to take a step ba