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In The Pipeline

Andy tattooing Lorean and Hama having her chat time.
Lorean getting tattooed

Today I sat down with Lorean, a returning client who is in the process of slowly developing a body suit. We talked about life, art, and why she decided to start now.

"I want my body to be covered in art. I've always loved tattoos, growing up I was so worried about other people's perceptions, say for example, I wouldn't get a job because of my tattoos. Recently because of taking care of someone who was ill, I realized life is too short. If you want to get art on your body, do it. Your body is your canvas. I want my body suit to be calming, a reminder of everything that makes me happy in life. To also be fluid in a way that is transferable into different stages in my journey. Death has a way of reinforcing our own mentality and I just don't give a f*ck anymore. I'm the one that determines my self-worth and nobody else. I'm still a good person with or without tattoos and if other people can't see that, that's on them."



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