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Laybuy Available - Buy Now, Pay Later

Yes, we have Laybuy Available! We're now Accepting LAYBAY payments!

We now have a Buy Now, Pay Later payment option available for our in-store.

If you don't have Laybuy and you're interested in this payment option please make sure you download and sign up to Laybuy before your appointment to make things go a bit smoother on checkout.

Laybuy is very easy to sign up to and use. Your balance will be split up into 6 equal payments, the first one will be processed on the day, then once a week for an additional 5 weeks. You can also make payments in advance with no penalties :)

Similar to Afterpay but

We don't have Afterpay, they no longer support Tattoo Studios if you're wondering.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

We are now accepting Laybuy giving you a buy now, pay later payment option.
Laybuy Available In-Store



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